Austin Branch Library Project

'Design III' Course | The University of Texas at Austin
Second Year | Professor John Blood | Fall 2011

      In today’s growing culture, the library serves more than just as storage of physical books, but as space where communities gather for multiple functions that are related to the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

      Design Concept: My library concept is about unity.  The design utilizes planes that run through the building that divides and differentiates the space programmatically which is unified through a central core and its circulation. Exterior looks divided, but the interior is unified.

      The north glazing remains fully exposed to the desirable sunlight while the south facade utilizes a louver system and overhang to control the amount of sunlight while creating interesting light effects. The west facade reduces the amount of sun it brings into the space through clerestories and low openings. And the east facade contains a light shaft that diffuses light down into the core of the library to celebrate the idea of unity in the center of the library.