Hello everyone. I wanted to create a section just to show my Storyboard portfolio. Here you'll find the focus on all my artwork / sketches for the narrative of my game projects. If you want to learn more about the individual projects, check out their respective pages under my Video Game Portfolio. Cheers!

"Charlie" - Game Project

Narrative Description / Context:

You begin in the living room, simply flying, but immediately notice a staircase behind the glass door. You figure there must be more beyond the contents of this room. You see a door cracked open and make your way through. The next room appears to be the kitchen forcing you to immediately dodge pots and pans hanging from above. You swiftly bypass the dining room and make note of the chairs pushed around.

Soon, making way towards the staircase after a sharp turn, you see toys scattered about and wonder if a child lives here. The next room appears to be an office-like space. Aviation trinkets and trophies decorate the room and you wonder what the story is behind the residence. An open air vent catches your eye and you are curious what’s on the other side. And after appearing from the darkness, you discover a messy child’s room. But what catches your eye is all of the crumpled pieces of paper scattered about and half folded airplanes...   

 (Storyboard planning with color palette and level design)

(Storyboard planning with color palette and level design)

"Colorless" - Game Project

Other notes: Check out more about "Colorless" under my video game portfolio for more design information! You can even play our game there :)

Narrative Description / Context:

Colorless is an artsy 2D narrative puzzle game where our character appears in a black and white world, ventures forth, and suddenly discovers color… and its inherent abilities. With this discovery, our character gains a new power that allows them to transverse further into the world, pushing boundaries, coloring the environment, and watching it slowly becoming beautiful and lively. However, at the same time, it appears the world is also sending our players a message… and perhaps, unveiling to us why the world was black and white in the first place.

 (Color Transition Storyboard - Includes mechanics and terrain/environment change)

(Color Transition Storyboard - Includes mechanics and terrain/environment change)

"Asunder" - Game Project

Other notes: The two writers on my game team drafted an overview of the chapters in the story. I took the chapter overviews and sketched my ideas that include camera angles, camera movements, camera type/point of views, and reasons for certain storyboard shots to occur. It is also critical to keep gameplay in mind when making gaming storyboards. These were early pre-production sketches.

Narrative Overview:

Asunder is a story adventure game where you play as Sophie, the daughter of an archaeologist, and the two of you are in search of the ancient civilization, Aegeros. They are guided by the only artifact you have, a hi-tech glove. The two become separated on an expedition after falling into a large crevasse. You wake up to discovered you've been separated from your dad but discover the ruins of the civilization he's talked about all your life. As Sophie, you the player must use this glove to interact with the forgotten civilization, and ultimately find your dad.

Storyboard 1 - Narrative Context:

Setting: Cabin, Forest, Shrine

Intended for cutscene. Not directly in the game.

Sophie and Cam (dad) are getting ready to depart on their expedition due to rapid reaction of the glove. While Sophie is packing, Cam looks at his watch to make note of how much daylight is left. Sophie makes a smart comment about it as she grabs the last item, the glove, before they make their way out. They leave the cabin and make way to the forest but stop at a shrine for a brief prayer and discuss the concept of spirits and their existence. They make way through the forest whistling a song that Sophie's mother would always sing who has long passed away. They discover a rope bridge and Cam instructs Sophie to stay put while he tests if it is safe to cross. She insist that they do not ever split up or leave one another and she chases after him which causes the bridge to be unstable and snap. The two fall into the crevasse below.

Storyboard 2 - Narrative Context:

Setting: Cave

After the fall, you, the player, wake up as Sophie and discover you've been separated from dad. You see the glove in front of you and it glows rapidly... and out of curiosity, you put it on. Sophie hears static coming from her bag and pulls out a walkie-talkie -- dad is paging her and they can still talk to each other. Sophie describes her location but is then drawn to an ruined object and noticed it looks a lot like the glove. She touches the it, and all of a sudden, glow lines spawn due to the glove's ability to activate and power things. Sophie describes everything that is happening while dad expresses his concern. She assures him that she is safe and will do whatever it takes to find him so that they can reunite.

Level Design + Storyboarding Working Together

I have included this additional section where I am using level design + storyboarding/narrative to help design the levels of the game. As mentioned, I am involved with both level/environment design which is directly tied with narrative. Not to mention wanting to "storyboard" a level when you design it comes a long way!