Team Rubicon Office Project

'Advance Interior Design' Course | The University of Texas at Austin
Forth Year | Professor Allison Gaskins | Spring 2014

      Team Rubicon is an American non-profit organization whose mission is to unite the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. They are a passionate group of veterans and volunteers who collaborate together to save lives and help communities when a natural disaster occurs. Please check out this awesome organization at

      For this project, Team Rubicon asked our studio to help them design their Los Angeles Headquarters and Dallas Field Office. Our studio was also faced with the question of the 'future of the office' - What IS the future of the office? And what does this mean to the Team Rubicon program? 

      The future of the office can shift in different directions due to program requirements and technological innovations, so we cannot completely predict the exact direction an office can go. However, most companies are shifting virtually, but the physical gatherings of individual and collaborative remains important for any business to remain successful. Because of this, we should develop flexibility that comes with intention and thoughtful design.
    With Team Rubicon, I believe it is important to provide this flexibility through the concept of “office components”. The idea is to provide a series of designed spaces and programs so that they can pick and choose what components they need because they are an agile, adapatable company whose work is based on phase change and action response.


"The Lounge"
To provide a casual environment with 
Team Rubicon branding

"The Breakout Space"
To provide small collaborative 
spaces and brainstorming


"The War Room"
To provide large conference room for 
weekly meetings or disaster response

"The Rehabilitation Room"
To provide separate room for resting



"The Team Station"
To provide a cluster of individual work
desk to encourage interaction


"The Phone Booth"
To provide privacy and focus-work



"The Communication Op Room"
To provide appropriate equipment for communication operations team


“The Workstation"
To provide a cluster of individual work desk to encourage interaction

      This building houses formal office roles as well as head communication and operations team. HQ currently exist within two suites of an existing structure. Because of this, the design proposed for HQ is seen as a highly suggested component layout but shows possible areas for flexibility.
      Color palette reflects the Team Rubicon branding and material palette would be donated by sponsor, Home Depot.


      This building program contains some office spaces, training facilities, and visitor traffic. The client expressed that future of the Field Office may increase in training or flux between those three programs. Therefore, it is important to provide high flexibility overall within the building to best accommodate any major and minor changes in the future.